Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This does not compute...

One thing about all these lottery prizes that keep rolling in is that I don't seem to sign up for 'em. Apparently all this largesse is going to fall into my lap with absolutely no effort on my part ~ a lottery lotus land. If I had known all this wealth would have been accrued so easily I wouldn't have put so much energy into working for a living.

Anyhoo, the badly written tripe below is more of the ecrap cluttering up mailboxes ~ anything in red is information from the actual Acer UK site and, as you can see, it differs somewhat from the usual scam phone numbers, etc...


From: Acer Computers UK Limited (
(For all Technical Service related support, please see the website or email )
Sent: June 17, 2009 5:26:55 AM

Acer Computers UK Limited
Head Office
Acer House
Heathrow Boulevard III
282 Bath Road
West Drayton

Dear Lucky Winner,

Thank you for participating in the 2009 Acer Computers UK Limited lottery program. The 2009 Acer Computers UK Limited lottery program selection has been performed at our United Kingdom Corporate headquarters here in London. The Acer Computers UK Limited lottery program is registered and organized in accordance with the British Gaming Board (B.G.B.) and the World Lottery Regulation Act (W.L.R.A.).

We are therefore pleased to officially notify you of the status of your Winning. An official notification of winning is hereby issued to you as your email ticket number; ACER-09-0-96-09, with serial number; ACER /01/2009, and ref no; LV /0012/2009 in batch A /6183 randomly drew for the lucky numbers 000-31-0584 which selected your email address as a winner of our End of Year lottery program. You have therefore consequently won the Acer Computers UK Limited, 2009 lottery promo in its first batch.

As regards the above, we have officially approved a sum payout of ? 500,000.00 POUNDS only to you as our lottery winner. This amount is from the total prize cash of ? 2,500,000.00 POUNDS randomly distributed among our five (5) International winners selected by our Lottery Random System Selection (L.R.S.S.).

The Acer Computers UK Limited 2009 lottery program's Organising Commitee (L.O.C.) will immediately commence the immediate dispatch of your cheque of ? 500,000.00 POUNDS as soon as you have contacted them. You are therefore adviced to contact the Acer Computers UK Limited lottery program's Organising Commitee (L.O.C.) immediately as stated below;

Contact Person: Richie Mccathy
Dispatch Officer in Charge
Acer Computers UK Limited 2009 lottery program's Organising Commitee (L.O.C.)
Email: <>
Phone & Fax: +44-703-1741-647

(Commercial and Product Information
Please call 0870 853 1005

Technical Helpline:
Calling from UK : 0870 853 1000
Fax from UK: 0870 853 1004)


Please provide them with the underlisted informations below as soon as possible;

1. Names in Full
2. Delivery Address
3. Nationality / Present Location
4. Occupation
5. Phone Number(s)

Hearty congratulations from my humble self and all members of the 2009 Acer Computers UK Limited lottery program's Organising Commitee (L.O.C.)

Your's Sincerly,

Engr. Allen Anderson
2009 Acer Computers UK Limited lottery program's Organising Commitee (L.O.C.)
For and on behalf of Acer Computers UK Limited.

Copyright© 2009 Acer Inc. All Rights Reserved

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