Monday, July 6, 2009

*Really* don't click!

I have never had a CIBC account and I never will have a CIBC account. I deal with credit unions and not banks but that's me....

This is a phishing email looking for CIBC customers and particularly those who seem to have never read any cautions from their institution (or even in general on the internet) that advise you to open a separate window and log directly onto your personal banking site (or Paypal, Ebay, etc....)

Clicking on links contained in emails like this has only the potential to open up a world of grief for you. Once they have your personal account access information, you might well be kissing your savings or your identity goodbye.

From: CIBC (

Sent: July 5, 2009 1:09:08 PM

At CIBC, we are in business to help our clients, employees, and shareholders achieve what matters to them. Succeeding will mean living by our values — Trust, Teamwork, Accountability — and creating value for all who have a stake in CIBC.

We offer you secure access to your online banking and investment accounts. As part of the sign on process, you may occasionally be prompted to answer one of the Personal Verification Questions you have set up.

Once you have signed on, you can check your balances, transfer funds, and pay bills online quickly and safely. We also monitor activity in online banking and investment accounts to enhance your security and to protect your financial information. One of the security features you will notice in CIBC Online Banking and the online services of CIBC Investor’s Edge, CIBC Imperial Investor Service, CIBC Wood Gundy, and CIBC Private Investment Counsel is the date and time of your last sign, which is displayed within key areas.

The date and time displayed should match the last time you signed on.

For upgrade the security questions follow the link bellow:

Verify My Account Information

Agreements | Trademarks and Disclaimers | Privacy & Security

Don't click....

Nice little baiting trip ~ an email that doesn't really open with an ungrammatically written instruction to click on a link if the 'email is not to read intact'. How convenient ~ a 'malfunctioning' email. My Web of Trust (WOT) went into red alert all over this ad which, according to using header analysis, originates in Hungary.

Is it the Lads from Vlad again?

Oh ~ is anyone surprised to find out that ABAQOSOPY ODEPIZYIA Inc. doesn't seem to exist?

From: Hank Finco (

Sent: July 6, 2009 8:11:21 AM

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Data Security
Your data will be used only for the delivery of information from us and will not be shared with other companies.

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But, I *didn't* ask....

This is disguised to look as though they were return my request for contact ~ rest assured I didn't. If it were that easy to make a gadzillion dollars working from home, I'd be doing it already.

So when I receive this crap, I become highly suspicious of those lovely links that they want you to click on and avoid them like the plague ~ particularly the ones that tell you to use to 'unsubscribe' from something you didn't subscribe to in the first place. Clicking on some links can leave your computer at risk of being infected with nasty little programs that can access information about you that no one really needs to know.

I find this one particularly interesting particularly as the 'company' cites it's home address as Romania yet uses a mailbox drop in Vancouver, BC. Hmmmm ~ has anyone ever told you that e-scams pour out of Eastern Europe at the same speed as the ones from Nigeria? Except that the Lads from Vlad are slicker.

If you receive these emails, the best thing to do is dump 'em in the trash and leave the links alone.

Re: We Need Your Help Now‏
From: Home Processing (

Sunday, July 5, 2009

You want credit for this?

As I understand it, you can contact TransUnion, Experian or Equifax once a year for a free copy of your credit history ~ any further copies may require a fee. But contact them directly!

These emails are designed to harvest your personal information for anything but honest purposes.

Re: TransUnion, Equifax, Experian Credit Reports And Scores‏
From: CreditCenter (
Sent: July 3, 2009 6:16:26 AM

You're going to pay for this....

In your attention !‏
From: (
Sent: July 5, 2009 10:06:44 AM

Information Regarding Your account:
Dear PayPal Member!

Attention! Your PayPal account has been violated!

The ip address tried to access your personal account!

Please click the link below and confirm you are not currently away. You have 24 hours to confirm or your account will be suspended for undefined time.

Click here to activate your account

You can also confirm your email address by logging into your PayPal account at
. Click on the "Confirm email" link in the Activate Account box and then enter this confirmation number: 1036-8535-4511-9500-3892

Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team

PayPal Email ID PP019
Protect Your Account Info
Make sure you never provide your password to fraudulent websites.

To safely and securely access the PayPal website or your account, open a new web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Netscape) and type in the PayPal login page ( to be sure you are on the real PayPal site.

PayPal will never ask you to enter your password in an email.

For more information on protecting yourself from fraud, please review our Security Tips at
Protect Your Password
You should never give your PayPal password to anyone.

More manure for the north 40...

You would think that one of the minimal requirements of any government 'official would be literacy. It looks as though Mrs. Waziri (and that withered swamp she calls a conscience) needs to get her arse back into primary school.

EFCC (FUNDS TRANSFER.You have been dealing with the wrong offices.)‏

From: Mrs Farida Waziri (

Sent: July 4, 2009 7:57:57 AM

My Name is Mrs Farida Waziri the new Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
chairperson in Nigeria. I understand you are expecting your delayed fund to be wired
to your bank account, but some top government officials and bank partners will not
tell you the truth about the where abouts of your fund and all they are doing is to
tell you to pay out rageous fees which you refused to come up with, but I will not do
that based on my conscience and that is why I have contacted you to let you know the
truth because i know you have gone far in trying to get this fund and must have paid
some amounts of monies to persons you are not supposed to give out a dime to.

I will be ready to help you get your fund but you have to help me keep it a secret to
enable me help in delivering your fund as the Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission principal officer. You better believe me or forget contacting me again but
i know that they will never tell you the truth because they are all thieving
criminals. Get back to me and i will tell you the possible way to get your fund
delivered to you without the consent of anyone i know God will reward me after all.

You can reach me on my direct number for urgent response; +234-80-20977386.

I expect your prompt response.

Mrs Farida Waziri

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A series of unfortunate events...

With the pathos and bathos that scammers churn out to elicit your sympathy and 'aw gee, puir wee creature' response, I'm surprised there is a violin player in the world out of work ~ there have to be lots of positions for them to be playing the accompanying theme, 'O Woe Is Me'.

The line, 'Help me, ObiWan Kenobi, you're my only hope' also springs to mind.


From: Simon Boldon (

Sent: July 4, 2009 1:40:33 AM


I need your help about my late father consignment. My name is simon Boldon i am from liberia and i am living in refugee camp in ghana now because of the war that happen in our country some times ago and my father told me that he have 500KG of diamond and 1000GK of gold that inside the boxes of consigment and some family valuable goods that he deposited with security company.
I really need your urgent help because mr. william smith who live in America promise to help mereceive this consignment last month but when the security company want to deliver this consignment to him last month after the security company agent arrive to america to deliver my late father consignment to Mr. William, they told the security company agent that mr. william smith has motor accident two days before the security company agent arrive to America and mr.william died. The security company agent cannot deliver my late father consignment to any body,the security company return my late father consignment back to Ghana,now are you the God sent to help me receive this consignment.please write back to me i have the document of this consignment with me to show proof.please write back to me now and give me your information.

Thanks may God bless you.

Simon Boldon

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bloodsuckers and other leeches...

Do I need to tell you that this is a scam? If you don't believe me, try here as well:


From: Rangers Finance Co. (

Sent: July 2, 2009 4:23:38 AM

Do you have a low credit score and you are finding it hard to obtain
capital loan from local banks/other financial institutes? We offer loan at
low interest rate of 3%. Contact us with Details mentioned below




Mr.Mark Taylor
Rangers Finance Loan Company.

So How Come?

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