Thursday, July 24, 2008

My personal list of scum suckers...

Peeps, remember these people are a font of crap and rapacious con garbage ~ DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!

Ahmed Rasheed - & & - wants you to help him rip of the bank for which he supposedly works - $25,000,000 and you keep 45% + 5% for expenses.

Anping Wu & Edith Vega - & - he's supposed to be the Ceo/President; not sure what she does besides pretend to represent the Anping Wire Mesh Co. Ltd. - looking for collection and remittance agents - you get 10% of whatever you handle and $3,000/mo. after three mos.

Charles Benson - & - wants you to pretend to be the original depositor of a random $5,850,000.00 he wants to rip off from the bank he supposedly is employed by in Ghana - you get 30%.

Francoise Bigirimana - & - languishing in a refugee camp in Cote D'Ivoire and wants you to adopt her and help her access the $14.7 million left to her by her dear old dead dad who lost his life in the course of the crisis here in Cote D'ivoire on the 7th of November 2003.

Lee Chung - & - posing as the Vice President, Pristine Consumer Healthcare Pte. Ltd. - looking for collection and remittance agents.

Linda Kabba - - from Sierra Leone and languishing in a refugee camp in London - seeks your assistance to help transfer inherited funds deposited in a Security and Finance Company in Dubai (by dear old dead dad who used to deal in gold and diamonds) to your country for investment by posing as her trustee.

Mary Edwards - & - deathly ill with cancer with a son to support wants you to collect money from her dead husband's family - $1,150,000 and you keep 10%.

Horst Hieter Haensgen, Diplomat - - (pity ~ I mislaid the bulk of the email but rest assured it had something to do with moving someone else's money).

Philip Ugo, Rev. - representing the late Arcbishop William Steve who left $1.2Million (One Million Two Hundred United States Dollars) which he intended to be used for charity, ministry, evangelical work or otherwise when he was gone, but did not want his immediate family to know about for fear of subversion of his promise and pledge to God and you are handpicked to help him do this.

Richard Imjo Martins (Esq), Barrister - & -

Robert Fore, Dr. - & - solicitors to the late, great Atlanta physician and philanthropist, Mr.George Brumley (whom you have doubtlessly never heard of in your lifetime) who left $5,100,000 to you and he instructed that you are to use part of the funds to promote his legacy through activities that aim to help the old, poor, needy and disabled in the society.

Sherina Joseph Opong - - step-mom poisoned dear old dad but not before he squirreled away $6,500,000 - you get 15% for providing a convenient bank account and adopting her.

Tammy Lawson - & - father and mother assassinated in Sierra Leone by evil military forces and she escaped with her brother to Cote D'Ivoire (which is why her reply email is from Norway, right?) but dear old dead dad had left her10.5 million US Dollars which you get 20% of + 5% for expenses + 15% of any investments you wisely help her make.

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