Friday, November 27, 2009

It's a dog's life...

I received this in the email account I use for my scam blogs.

Not that I don't think my blog is going to the dogs sometimes but the relevancy of a rental scam blog to an animal health care site? Am I missing the connection? Or is it, as I figure, just another attempt to have me (and other lucky recipients) click on a 'poisoned' link?

My line of thought towards that conclusion goes something like this -

1. My site has nothing to do with animal care.

2. If I type in, I get a list of sites that are similar but not the same.

3. Why does a .org use yahoo as an email?

4. shows that the domain name was registered October 13, 2009. Now it's not impossible that it's a brand new site but somehow I don't think it's what it represents itself to be. It begs the question as to how it can be 'the largest Dog Health Problems website featuring more than 30,000+ blogs. Our site averages 200,000+ uniques visitors per month.'

5. If I google the phone number (+45 36946676) used in the registration done with a Netherlands address it tends to lead me to links like this: or this: Feel free to rummage around yourself ~ there's always something new to learn about scams that way.

Where the link in my email will lead me, I do not want to know. My computer is older and cranky enough without having it infested with malware, trojans and other nasty things which is quit often what happens when people click willy-nilly on links they receive in emails.

Bottom line is that I think I do not want to know these people and it's even less likely that I would consider having anything to do with them.

Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 

Subject: Your Blog Featured at

From: substance abuse (Seriously,
folks, would you use
a nickname such as 'substance abuse'
if you want people to take you seriously
in a business


This is Shiela from

We stumbled on your blog while searching for Dog Health
Problems related
information. (That sounds more like a
serious trip and fall than a stumble to me.)

We operate the largest Dog Health Problems website featuring
more than 30,000+
blogs. Our site averages 200,000+ uniques
visitors per month
(I checked at they're not
even a blip on the radar.)
As a kind note We have featured
your blog at*******

We would be grateful if you could add the following details
to your blogs main page.

(Said addition appears to be a link to Dog Health Problems
and I'm not posting it here.)

Looking forward for your confirmation.



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