Monday, July 6, 2009

But, I *didn't* ask....

This is disguised to look as though they were return my request for contact ~ rest assured I didn't. If it were that easy to make a gadzillion dollars working from home, I'd be doing it already.

So when I receive this crap, I become highly suspicious of those lovely links that they want you to click on and avoid them like the plague ~ particularly the ones that tell you to use to 'unsubscribe' from something you didn't subscribe to in the first place. Clicking on some links can leave your computer at risk of being infected with nasty little programs that can access information about you that no one really needs to know.

I find this one particularly interesting particularly as the 'company' cites it's home address as Romania yet uses a mailbox drop in Vancouver, BC. Hmmmm ~ has anyone ever told you that e-scams pour out of Eastern Europe at the same speed as the ones from Nigeria? Except that the Lads from Vlad are slicker.

If you receive these emails, the best thing to do is dump 'em in the trash and leave the links alone.

Re: We Need Your Help Now‏
From: Home Processing (

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I have two blogs at the moment - Here Be Dragons which is devoted to rental scams primarily sourced through Craigslist although the proliferation of free ad sites has widened the hunting grounds. Many additions come from other sources (ie: blogs/anti-scam sites/online community ad sites) or are provided by people who want to share their experiences. There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch is for copies of scammail that I find in my mailboxes ~ sometimes I can't resist the odd acerbic comment but for the most part I post 'em because the more that people do, the fewer fools they get to gull. Dunno what to say about me that would be very interesting ~ I'm a granny who reads, gardens and crafts as the mood strikes me. :) I don't particularly care for the social predators on this planet and this blog is part of my way of saying so.