Friday, June 25, 2010

Welcome to the China Stock Exchange

Thu, 24 Jun 2010

From: "PAUL KIN"


Welcome to the China Stock Exchange


I work with the investor's centre of the China Stock Exchange Group Plc. We have, for some years now, been dealing with some unclaimed shares running to the tune of Eighteen million Six hunred thousand USA dollars($18.6m) and recently my boss secretly decided to sell it off with the intention that the two of us will make use of the fund for investment outside the stock house.

And, an American investor has paid for the unclaimed shares in Dollars and the cash has been received and saved in a safekeeping security vault as family precious box for onward movement outside the Country ,but unfortunately, my boss passed away  two months ago and the family has read his last testament (WILL) without mentioning anything about this cash left in the Vault.

So at this point, i am the only person that knows this deal and where this money is. But, since i cannot do it alone. I contacted my boss wife and told her all that transpired while her husband was alive and i am the only trusted partner who knows about this money. Because of this, she has given me the go ahead to make sure i get a trusted person overseas who will receive this fund and share it with us.So that, her family will make use of their own share of the money to complete her husband's intention.

The total amount in Dollars is US$18,6m and this amount is still available in the safekeeping Security Vault. Show your interest ASAP by sending your full contact details (full name, home address, cell phone) via my private email:  while, a legal practitioner will use this details to get a legal permit for you to receive this box outside this Country for our sharing. You will be given 35% of the total sum, while 10% of the total sum is mapped out for expenses.

Your co-operation is highly expected to help this widow and her children.

Yours truly,

Paul Kin.

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