Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poor LITTLE CACILIA is a goner....

Yup ~ just not in me to leap on my white steed to rescue some poor stranded multi-millionaire who has not managed in 6 years to figger out how not to be starving and naked in Ghana let alone how to spell her name...

From: "Joseph M. Biaka"
Reply-To: "Joseph M. Biaka"
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010


How are doing together with your wonderful family and friends around you? I ope everybody is doing well.

Well I will like to introduce my self to you before going further.

My name is Miss Cecilia Goodluck 18years of age the only survived child of Dr. Emmanuel Ubabia Goodluck chairman local manning,Gold and diamond in one f our Villages in Republic of Congo and My late father Was doing well in his days, that’ why people of greed took the advantage of war in my country and killed Him may his soul rest in perfect peace Amen. My father, Mother and all my father’s children died in 29th of June 2004 while I was in school that day.

My dear before the incidents took place, my late father seems that he knows what is going to happen to him which made him to tells me where he save sum of Eight million Five hundred thousand dollars and some row gold as a family treasure in security company in west Africa Ghana the most peaceful country which made my late father told me to run for my dear life of which am here in Ghana now.

My dear I want you to assist me as you can see that I have no father and mother am alone here suffering no food or cloths to put on my body just looking unto God for help but can I trust you with all this?

Please assure me before ever we can go on for the claim because all the documents about this claim are with me where I saved them. My late father made it known to security company that unless I bring his foreign partner  been a white person they should not allow me to make any  claim about this family treasure which he did not let the company to know what is inside the boxand I will not like you to let them know because of more expenses not to be occurs, please is the reason I contacted you for this claim.

Please take me as your own daughter or sister you have and as soon as you claim this family treasure from the company I will like to be there with you to further my education in your country and will like you to invest my own money in a good business after you have taken yours.

Please write me with this email: cacilia4goodluck1@live.comTo give you more details on how to go about the claim.

Yours Faithful,

Miss Cecilia Goodluck. (

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