Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm trying to lose Patience...

Date: Fri, 7 May 2010

From: "Barclays Bank,UK" BarclaysBank@BarclaysBank.UK

Subject: I decided to initiate this payment arrangement

London, E14 5HP.
Registered No: 1026167
Contact Person: Mr Chris Lucas
Contract Payment


I decided to initiate this payment arrangement to you based on the prevailing reports reaching my office and the intense nature of payment. This is to inform you about the recent plan to transfer your fund to you via; Diplomatic Immunity Cash Delivery Payment System.
This system will be easier for you and for us. Every necessary arrangement will be put in place for the securing of all required security documents to cover the money. The Money is coming in a security proof boxes, the boxes are sealed with Synthetic nylon seal and padded with machine.
I will use my position of office to make sure this consignments (fund ) are been safely and legally release to You. The boxes are coming with assigned UK accredited diplomatic agents who will accompany the Box to your approved destination address.
For a hitch free and safe delivery, you are required to furnish me immediately upon receipt of this message with the below stated information: (1) Your full house address (2) Your identity such as, international passport, driver's license or national identification card. (3) Your contact phone numbers. (4) Name of the nearest international airport close to your location. The diplomatioc Agents attached will travel with these required information's For the delivery of your fund.
They will call you immediately they arrive Your country's airport. I hope you understand me. IMPORTANT NOTE: The diplomatic Agents does not know the original contents of the boxes. For security reasons, what we declared to them as the contents of the consignments are Sensitive photographic Film Material.
Note that we will not declare the contents of the box as money to diplomat, So you are asked on the contents, please tell them the same thing ok. Contact me immediately and I will let you know how far I have gone in cuncluding with the arrangement. I will secure the clearance Certificate that will be tagged on the boxes which I will dispatch along with the security inner Keys of the consignments to enable you access these consignments as soon as it delivered to you.
This clearance instrucments will make it pass every custom check point all over the world without hitch Confirm the receipt of this message and send the requirements to me Immediately you receive this message
Please I need your urgent reply because the boxes are schedule to airlift as soon as we hear from you.
Best Regards,

Mrs Patience Wheatcroft
Foreign Settlement Department Manager
Barclays Bank, London,UK.

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