Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oooooooo - The FBI, no less...

Considering the contents, I think it must be from the Fucking Barrel of Idiots:

Payment Notice From The Federal Bureau of Investigation‏
Sent: December 21, 2009

From: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Dept: Anti-Terrorist & Monetary Crimes Division
Office: Washington, D.C. Headquarters
Address: J. Edgar Hoover Building
93 Pennsylvania Avenue, Nw Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Attention Funds Beneficiary,

This is to officially inform you that your fund which is in Africa has been approved for release by the joint FBI/UN Payment Reconciliation Board. Due to Scam act by African officials we reached to an agreement with them to have the funds released to you via ATM Card. The total sum of $5.7 Million US Dollars which is approved will be loaded in an internationally accepted ATM Card and then sent to your address via courier service, so that you can be picking your funds from any ATM Machine around you in bits at your will.
This measure is to help prevent scam on your bank account and all African bureaucratic bootleggers . Be advised not to expose your banking details to any person in the name of trying to get your funds. We the American FBI is bent on making sure that scam is totally wiped out and with this measure we are taking nobody scam you over this payment.
From our joint decision we choose ATM UNIT GHANA to be the office to release the funds to you since the country has been tested politically and otherwise, the we approved them for this payment reconciliation of every funds owned to foreigners by African governments.
You are advised to contact the ATM UNIT GHANA via their contact information as noted below:

TELEPHONE: +233- 2- 47189890

Contact them immediately and let them know that the FBI directed you to them for your funds release via ATM Card. Do provide them with the following reconfirmed information as stated below to avoid any mistake:

1. Your Full Name________________________________________________
2. Your Full Address______________________________________________
3. Your Telephone Number________________________________________
4. Your Occupation_______________________________________________
5. Your Age___________________

Do not send your banking details to them for security reasons. We guarantee this payment and always feel free to ask us any question if the need be until you have received your ATM Card.

Robert S. Mueller, III
(FBI Director)


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