Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am not surprised...

From:Mrs. Florence Irvin (
Sent:September 2, 2010 7:35:06 AM


Don't be surprise to receive this letter from me since you don't know me in person.
I am Mrs. Florence Irvin the wife of Late Engr. Gilbert Irvin who was murdered in the land dispute in Zimbabwe by the agents of the ruling government of President Robert Mugabe because of his alleged support and sympathy for the opposition MDC PARTY led by Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai former Zimbabwe Labour Union Leader

My husband was among the few black Zimbabwean farmers murdered in a cold blood by the war veterans backed by the government. Before the death of my husband, he deposited the sum of US$21M (Twenty One Million United State Dollars) with one of the security companies in South Africa, as if he knew the looming danger in Zimbabwe. The money was deposited as a gem and precious stones to avoid much attraction & demurrage from the security firm. The money was earmarked for the purchase of new lands and machineries for the establishment of new farms in Lesotho and Swaziland before the regretted incident.
This Land problem arose in 2000 when President Robert Mugabe introduced a new land act reform policies, which wholly affected the white farmers and some few black farmers. This resulted to rampart killing and Mob actions that took the life of my loved husband and some others.

After the death of my husband, me and my son; Princewill left for South Africa, to seek for Asylum, which have not been beneficial to us; Now I am faced with the dilemma of investing this money in South Africa for fear of encountering the same experience in future since both countries have the same political background, coupled with the recent killing of a well known farmer and attacks on foreigners by the South Africans(on 11th May,2008.) that took the lives of more than Sixty(60) people.
I am contacting you to see if you will be able to assist and help me transfer this money to your Country.
I and my family has agreed to give you 15% of the money, 5% will be mapped out for all expenses that may be incurred during the transfer and 80% will be for me to investment in your country.

Therefore if you are in position to assist us, please get back to us either through my email or my Son’s Email:
Expecting your reply soonest.

Best regards,
Mrs. Florence Irvin
(For the family)

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